Hey. I’m still in deep research, but I got leads to what I think is a good project.

First I want to share a good quote by Jim Jarmusch. It has nothing to do with my project, but I love it, that’s all:


Ok so my project is focused on war and to be specific on drones. I hate wars, but sociological point of view is very interesting for me. In this project I want to work with photography, video, heat maps (thermography) and maybe installation. As I said it’s still in deep research, but things I want to gain an insight are being anonymous, hidden and a human fear of oppression.

Here’s a few links to give my inspiration: it’s a explanation about thermography.

(just rooftops, but always something)  —– this is a tool which gives you a look for solar heat map on lisbon rooftops
anti-drone hoodie: don’t interpret it as a fashion statement, it’s something more -> here’s a article about project
and finally site which can give a lot of information and data:

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